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Generative AI for Vector Graphics

Our AI Vector Graphic Generator lets you create stunning vector graphic assets in mere seconds. We build state-of-the-art generative AI that helps you craft your ideas into high-quality, memorable designs.

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AI Vector Graphic Generator
AI Vector Graphic Generator
Leverage our state-of-the-art generative AI engine. Create any vector graphic image in seconds by entering text descriptions.
Prompt Template Library
Prompt Template Library
Select from a variety of prompt templates for different art styles. Vector illustration, abstract art, watercolor, or hand-drawn doodles, you name it!
Discoverable Graphic Collections
Discoverable Graphic Collections
Browse our community-driven vector graphic collections. Search for asset by keyword, prompt template, or tag. Find inspiration for your creative project.
Various Download Options
Various Download Options
Download assets in PNG and SVG formats.
Personal and Commercial License
Personal and Commercial License
Free personal use license of all public assets. Commercial use license available for Pro subscriptions.
Enterprise solutions
Enterprise solutions
Customized AI models deployed via scalable APIs for your specific use-case.

How It Works

Step 1
Select a prompt template
A prompt template is a text description of the elements of a particular art style. Choose from our library of existing templates or create your own.
Prompt template

Monochromatic silhouette

vector illustration, monochromatic silhouette, single color with varying stroke weights

Step 2
Enter a text description
Describe in text the details of the graphic that you want to create. Your text descriptions combined with your chosen prompt template represent the prompt input to our AI model.
Step 3
Hit Enter
That's it! Our AI app will generate a vector graphic image based on your descriptions and chosen prompt template, in seconds. Download the image in both PNG and SVG formats.
Innovation Meets Imagination
Explore our community-driven vector graphic collections. Find inspiration for your creative projects.

Abstract painting

portrait of 1girl, red background, short black hair, red lips, closed eyes, red earings, flat illustration style
ai generated svg

Ink punk style

Ironman, ink punk style, dynamic colors, flat, vector
ai generated svg

Japanese art

a beautiful landscape, lake, mountains in the background, maple trees with red leaves, Ukiyo-E style
ai generated svg

Charis Tsevis style mosaic art

Eiffel tower, mosaic art, use of intricate patterns, vibrant colors, and meticulous detailing, vector composition inspired by Charis Tsevis style
ai generated svg

Pixelated abstract

Stormtrooper, simple background, crafted abstract, pixelated artwork, inspired by Amber Vittoria, bold use of shapes and colors
ai generated svg

Hand drawn doodles

Pusheen on a boat, hand drawn doodles, whimsical and spontaneous feel, simple background
ai generated svg


Seamlessly import our AI vector graphics in SVG format to other tools. Continuing your creativity workflow, whether it is web development, graphic design or 3D printing!

Adobe Illustrator


Get started for Free! Upgrade to Pro to take advantage of all our premium features.


Ideal for hobbyists and individuals exploring AI-generated vector graphics.

Get Started
  • 30 one-time AI vector graphics credits
  • Free download of public assets
  • Personal use license
  • Access to prompt templates
  • Download options (PNG and SVG)
  • Email support


Perfect for professionals and small teams leveraging advanced AI design tools.

Get Started
  • 300 AI vector graphics credits per month
  • Free download of public assets
  • Commercial use license
  • Access to prompt templates
  • Download options (PNG and SVG)
  • Email and chat support


Customizable plans for enterprises with scalable AI design solutions. Contact our sales team for tailored pricing.

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